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With the many problems that freight forwarders and shipping companies face between having cargo stolen from their container or worse having their shipping container contaminated with “unwanted cargo” it is hard to depend on a good security seals manufacturer nowadays. Whether their main choice of security seal is a bolt seal, cable seal, locking bar seal or other it is very hard to rely on the quality of their security seals supplier on every order that is placed. Let’s face it, with the raise of raw materials such as metal and plastic that is used to make these bolt seals, cable seals or locking bars a lot of security seals manufacturers have found ways to cut down their cost by sacrificing the quality of their seals and most times without any previous advice to their customers. That is why at we will never jeopardize our customer’s cargo security by trying to save a dollar $ on the manufacturing of all of our bolt seals, cable seals and locking bar seals. We provide the best quality container seals and a state of the art quality control process while still being able to maintain the best prices of security seals in the United States as well as providing excellent customer service and free shipping on all orders to the continental United States. If you are on the search of a security seals manufacturer that will not let you or your company down then look no further and come visit us at

– Seals 4 Seals, Inc

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